When BIG Problems Happen to Our LITTLE Ones

Birth is a joyous moment, but sadly, sometimes these moments are tainted with complications. Birth injuries are categorized as damage sustained during the birthing process. Typically, these injuries occur during transit through the birth canal. In most cases, injuries can be resolved without treatment but other times, severe nerve damage or broken bones can occur.

Types of Birth Injuries:

Head and Brain Injury

Head and brain injuries are the most common injuries that can occur since the head is the first part that enters the birth canal. Positioning of stirrups or improper positioning during birth can affect blood and oxygen flow to the brain, fracturing of the skull or bones, and bleeding in the brain. If properly detected, these injuries can and should be manageable with proper medical care.

Nerve Injury

Pressure by forceps used to assist in delivery can cause damage to nerves around the face and can trigger weakness in the facial muscles. In some cases, severe nerve damage can be sustained during difficult deliveries that require surgical correction. If nerves within the spinal column are affected permanent paralysis may occur.

Perinatal Asphyxia

Perinatal asphyxia is an injury that affects the fetus during childbirth. It results when too little blood flows to the fetus or when there is too little oxygen in the blood. Causes can be from an infection, exposure to certain medications before birth, pressure on the umbilical cord, or clots. Affected newborns appear pale and lifeless, have difficulty breathing, or are not breathing at all and have damage to multiple organs. This can be truly terrifying for new parents and sometimes results in permanent damage even after recovering, including learning disabilities and cerebral palsy.

Don’t let the problems grow with your child

Improper diagnosis for birthing injuries can lead to many problems in your child’s future. Some injuries can be delayed while others cause permanent nerve damage, learning disabilities, and physical ailments that continue to reoccur throughout your child’s life.

How Potter and Burnett can assist you

Rely on the professionals at Potter Burnett to assist you and your family through this difficult hardship. Though not doctors, their experience in these circumstances can help determine the origination of the birth injury. Understanding the conditions surrounding complex medical issues – and trying to make sense of what you are going through – can be painful and frustrating. When hunting for answers, don’t carry the weight of the issues alone. Send in the lions! Call the Potter Burnett pride today.


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