Halloween Driving Safety Tips


Here at Potter Burnett Law, we always encourage safe defensive driving but in the spirit of Halloween, we would like to remind all drivers to be aware of trick-or-treaters. Here are five driving safety tips to help protect all drivers and pedestrians celebrating All Hallows Eve.

  1. Drive slowly in neighborhoods and DO NOT pass stopped cars on the side of the road—more-than-likely, they might be dropping off children
  2. Beware of children dashing out in neighborhoods. Many young pedestrian deaths happen at spots other than intersections—especially children darting out from behind parked cars.
  3. Communicate with other drivers. Make sure to use your turning signals and use your hazards if you are dropping off your children.
  4. Keep your trick-or-treaters safe by adding reflective tape to their costumes or with other means of visible or reflective light—like flashlights or glow sticks.
  5. Review safety rules with kids. Make sure you educate your kids to look both ways when crossing any street.

Though these tips may seem obvious, it is important to be extra cautious driving and with little ones on Halloween.

Sources: https://www.progressive.com/vehicle-resources/halloween-safety/

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