Legal representation for birth injury victims in: Charles County, Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County, and the Maryland/DC/Metro area.

Many preventable issues can transpire during a pregnancy or delivery that are hazardous to an infant. There are many different types of birth injuries that have temporary to long term damaging effects. Common birth injuries include: paralysis, brain swelling, Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, brain damage, and fractures. Whether a doctor misuses a medical device or performs a delivery procedure incorrectly, you may be able to pursue legal action.

Our team has worked with and for a number of insurance companies over the years on medical malpractice and birth defect/injury cases that resulted in medical neglect and can use that “inside information” to help protect the rights of you and your loved ones.

So, whether you or a loved one has been impacted by a loss or set-back due to a birth defect or medical malpractice, you can rely on the pride at Potter Burnett Law to make sure you get your lion’s share. Contact us today for more information or a free legal evaluation of your claim.