Top Five Common Misunderstandings about Car Crashes from Victims



Delays are Caused by Victims
 – Most delays are due to the crowded court dockets, while some are due to the insurance company hoping that the victim may tire and give up over time. Also, a victim is only allowed to have one jury trial. That’s why it’s important to understand the full extent and impact of the injuries. Victims cannot come back to court if their injuries worsen over time and impact their quality of life.

The Defendant Pays a Judgment Out of Their Own Pocket
False – The at-fault driver’s insurance pays the judgment.  We often hear victims worried that the at-fault driver could end up paying for the judgement or in some cases having to declare bankruptcy over the verdict. All of which are untrue.

The Defendant Isn’t Willing to Settle
False –  The insurance company is always the one calling the shots, not the at-fault driver. More often than not, the Defendant wants the insurance company to make up for the harms and losses, but the insurance company is not willing to do the right thing.

A Big Verdict Will Increase My Insurance Rates
False – At the end of the day, insurance premiums have nothing to do with jury verdicts. Insurance rates are based on the number of accidents, speeding tickets, or the number of claims made by the insured person—not because of a big jury verdict.