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Misdiagnosis of cancer—or a complete failure to diagnose cancer—can deny a patient of the critical medical treatment they deserve. Early detection of cancer is essential to successful treatment, higher survival rates, and decreased costs of medical bills for cancer patients.

If a doctor’s wrongful diagnosis of failure to diagnose cancer results in incorrect treatment, delayed treatment, or no treatment at all, this can affect a patient’s ability to recover from the disease, if at all.

Frequently Asked Questions: Medical Malpractice

In cancer cases, physicians can be deemed negligent in instances such as the following:

  • Failing to identify obvious indications of cancer during an examination

  • Misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or no diagnosis when cancer is. in fact present

  • Not ordering proper tests including X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or a biopsy

  • Failing to properly evaluate test results

  • No follow-up with the patient

Cancer is a common medical malpractice claim and unquestionably requires an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Potter Burnett has demonstrated experience and success in malpractice litigation.

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