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When medications are prescribed and dispensed, healthcare professionals must take certain steps to ensure the patient receives the correct dosage and type of drug. Prescription drugs can, in some cases, put a patient’s well-being at risk.

Medication errors can be caused by the negligence of the prescribing doctor, nurse, or pharmacy. These mistakes can be serious, as they may deprive patients of necessary medication, cause a potential risk of an adverse reaction to an unintended drug, or ultimately cause an overdose due to incorrect dosing.

A medical professional may be considered negligent if any of the following situations occur:

  • Prescribe or give a patient the wrong dosage

  • Prescribe or give a patient an unintended medication

  • Fail to obtain a patient’s medical history regarding their prescription drug use

  • Fail to warn a patient of all risks associated with a prescribed medication

  • Prescribe or give a patent a dangerous mix of various prescription drugs



If the Potter Burnett Law attorneys find that you were a victim of a medication mistake by a healthcare professional, we may be able to help you seek legal recourse to collect compensation for damages.

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