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Case Results

*Each case is different and the law firm's past record in obtaining favorable awards, judgments, or settlements in prior cases is no assurance of success in any future case.

  • $26,000,000 Settlement Vehicle Defect

    In 1996, a Clarksburg man was in a motor vehicle accident while driving his 1987 Ford F-150 pickup.

  • $5,900,000 settlement Premises Liability

    Debbie Potter secured a $5,900,000 settlement of a premises liability case in 2023.

  • $400,000 Car Accident Verdict

    The jury verdict awarded $400,000 in non-economic damages to the victim of a car crash.

  • Confidential Drunk Driving Accident

    In 2014, a teen driver was both intoxicated and speeding at 119 mph when he wrecked his vehicle. The crash killed one of his passengers and catastrophically injured another.

  • $2,900,000 Medication Error Settlement
  • $1,380,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Our client suffered a comminuted fracture of his arm when a commercial vehicle pulled out in front of him on the highway.

  • $1,100,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Baltimore mother and daughter rear-ended on route 301 in Virginia. Physical therapy treatment only.

  • $1,068,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Charles County client injured when a car turned left in front of him.

  • $993,650 Car Accident Verdict

    Woman rear ended by a hit and run vehicle and suffered lower back injury.

  • $750,000 Anesthesia Error Settlement
  • $650,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Client was a passenger in a car, and suffered serious injuries.

  • $600,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Our client was t-boned when the adverse driver ran a red light. Client had conservative treatment, no injections or surgery.

  • $600,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

    Eastern Shore of Maryland wrongful death case for 83-year-old man.

  • $550,000 Car Accident Settlement

    Prince George’s county car crash – 52 year old man injured neck, had surgery with full recovery.

  • $500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

    Baltimore City wrongful death case for 75-year-old man.

  • $435,000 Car Accident Settlement

    Client was violently rear ended and spent time in hospital and rehabilitation facility.

  • $430,000 Nursing Home Abuse
  • $375,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

    Eastern Shore of Maryland wrongful death case for 72-year-old man. Case settled just before trial for $375,000.

  • $375,000 Nursing Home Abuse | Wrongful Death Settlement

    Prince George’s County nursing home wrongful death case for 81-year-old woman. Case settled for $375,000.

  • $350,000 Unnecessary Medical Treatment
  • $330,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Circuit Court Prince Georges County. Client was struck on Interstate 95 in slow moving traffic. Conservative treatment, no injections or surgery, with approximately $30,000.00 in bills. The offer from the insurance company was $100,000.00 and the jury awarded $330,000.00.

  • $300,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Circuit Court Charles County case where client was struck by uninsured driver. Medical bills of $25,000.00 for treatment, including injections. Her insurance company, Allstate, offered less than $40,000.00. Jury awarded $300,000.00.

  • $300,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Prince George’s County woman was exiting a parking lot when another driver turned into the lot too wide and struck the front corner of her car. The woman was four months status-post neck surgery. Plaintiff’s argued the collision aggravated the neck surgery. The Defendant driver offered her $30,000 policy and Plaintiff made a claim against her insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits. Her own insurance company refused to settle the case and offered just $1,800 the day before trial. Jury awarded over $300,000.

  • $250,000 $250,000 Jury Verdict

    We are delighted to announce that our esteemed attorney, Debbie Potter, secured a significant victory for our client this week in Charles County. Despite facing staunch resistance from the insurance companies, Debbie's unwavering determination and skillful legal expertise helped our client secure a $250,000.00 jury verdict for non-economic damages.

  • $175,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Anne Arundel County woman hit by car that failed to yield the right of way when making a left turn. She injured her shoulder, but the insurance company alleged it was an unrelated injury. Defendant had insurance policy of $100,000 which they refused to offer. Jury awarded excess verdict of $175,000 in non-economic damages and insurance company was required to pay the full verdict.

  • $160,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Prince George’s County woman in collision at an intersection where there was a dispute as to who was at fault. Insurance company for the other driver denied liability and denied Plaintiff’s claim for injuries, arguing the claimed injuries were not related to the accident. The case went to Binding Arbitration with a retired judge who found for the Plaintiff on liability and awarded her $160,000.

  • $150,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Charles County client struck at red light. Medical bills of approximately $11,000.00. Jury awarded $150,000.00.

  • $130,000 Car Accident Settlement

    Carroll County woman operating work van when she was hit by a car that had been rear ended and pushed into her. She injured her shoulder in the collision and defense argued her injuries were due to a pre-existing condition. Plaintiff’s original attorney could not resolve the case and it was referred to Potter Burnett Law for litigation. The case resolved for $130,000, which was substantially more than her prior attorney had been able to obtain.

  • $128,000 Car Accident Settlement

    Prince George’s County man hit by a car making an illegal u-turn in front of him. Insurance company argued his injuries were minimal and offered just $15,000. Case went to arbitration and client was awarded $128,000.

  • $100,000 Pedestrian Struck by Car Settlement

    Montgomery County client struck as pedestrian. Medical bills of approximately $16,000.00. The case resolved for $100,000.00.

  • $100,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Worcester County man hit head on and suffered back injury. Insurance company denied his claim because in the 18 months before the crash he had two prior accidents with similar injuries. After a two day jury trial, jury awarded the at-fault driver’s full policy limits of $100,000.

  • $75,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Prince George’s County woman backseat passenger in a car that was rear-ended. Experienced soft tissue injuries including headaches and neck pain. Offer on the eve of trial was $17,700. Jury awarded $75,000 in non-economic damages.

  • $75,000 Car Accident Verdict
    Prince George’s County – Woman was in car accident and treated with a chiropractor and physical therapist for 4 months. Insurance company offered $11,000 to settle and when client refused to settle, her prior attorney fired her as a client. She retained our firm, and we went to trial and the jury awarded $75,000 in non-economic damages.
  • $60,000 Car Accident Verdict

    Prince George’s County woman was stopped waiting to turn when she was hit from behind. She treated for soft tissue injuries including neck and back pain for 2 months and her injuries resolved. Insurance Company offered $7,000 to settle. Jury awarded $60,000 in non-economic damages.

  • $930,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

    Harford County wrongful death case for 45 year-old-man. Received the maximum available insurance coverage.